NBA 身体素质排行:詹姆斯领跑毋庸置疑,NBA身体素质排行 NBA 球员一直在向更快、更强、更高发展,专家杰拉德-纳西斯科评 出了当今联盟身体素质最强的五大球员。NBA身体素质排行 There is no doubt that NBA players are always on the track ofprogress-faster, stronger and higher. Expert Steven Gerrard-Naxisike named the top five physical strongmen in today’s NBA League. 1、勒布朗-詹姆斯 No 1 LeBron James. NBA 恐怕从来没拥有过像詹姆斯这样身体素质超强的球员。身高 6 尺 8 寸,体重 260 磅,全身肌肉,詹姆斯无疑是联盟最具冲击力的球员之一。同时他还配备了 控卫那样的娴熟技巧。他的爆发力和弹跳力让人惊艳,每当他扣篮的时候 ,他 的眼睛就已经达到了篮圈的高度。说白了,明天就让詹姆斯去打 NFL,是绝对没 有问题的。 Perhaps no single player in the history of NBA can ever surpass LeBron James in physical conditions. 6 feet and 8 inches in height , 260pounds in weight, and besides, covered by strong muscles all over,LebBron is undoubtedly one of the most physically offensive players in the NBA.What’s more, his playing skills are also as great as guards\’. Hisexplosive power and jumping ability are amazing. Every time he dunks, his eyes have already reached the height of the ring. To put it plainly, let LeBron James play NFL tomorrow, and there is absolutely noproblem for him to do that. 2、德怀特-霍华德 No 2 Dwight Howard 有多少身高 7 英尺的长人具备了 40 英寸的垂直弹跳力?连续两年的扣篮大赛, 我们都见识到了这个大块头出众的弹跳力和绝妙的创意。

看看他一身健壮的肌肉 吧,甚至有传言称“超人”能够举起 365 磅的重量。 I wonder how many 7-foot-tall guys possess a 40-inch verticaljumping ability.For two consecutive years at the NBA dunk contest,we have seen this big guy’s superior jumping ability and wonderful ideas. Look at his robust muscles all over! Someone even says,“Superman” can lift a weight of 365 pounds. 3、约什-史密斯 No 3 Josh Smith 这家伙第一步起跳的爆发力是如此之强,让他去参加奥运会跳远项目,相信一定 能够拿到奖牌。空中接力是他在比赛中的保留节目。他有着足够的腰腹 力量,6 尺 9 寸的身高,加上 240 磅的体重,很难有对手防住他。如果你是个小个后卫, 那么当心了,史密斯会把你的每次投篮都扇得老远。

This guy is so explosive in the first-step take-off. If he participates in the Olympic Games, I’m sure he can manage to get a medal in the longjump. Alley-oop is the subject he has at his fingers. With enough strength in waist, 6 feet and 9 inches in height, plus 240 pounds of body weight, he makes it very difficult for his opponents to defend him. If you are a small guard, then becareful, for Smith will block your ball far away each time you shoot. 4、内特-罗宾逊 No 4 Nate Robinson 但凡看过 2009 年扣篮大赛的人,都会对罗宾逊的身体素质留下深刻印象。

身高 5 尺 9 寸的罗宾逊,体重 180 磅,垂直弹跳力达到 44 英寸。除了在篮球场上一 展身手外,罗宾逊还曾打破华盛顿州 110 米跨栏的纪录,大学期间,他是校橄榄 球队的首发侧卫。 I believe whoever has watched the 2009 Dunk Contest will be deeplyimpressed by Robinson’s physique. 5 feet and 9 inches tall, 180pounds in weight, his vertical jumping ability reaches amazingly 44inches. In addition to getting on the basketball court to show us what he’s got, Robinson also broke Washington\’s staterecord of 110-meter hurdles. When at college, he was the school football team\’s starting flanker. 5、香农-布朗 No 5 Shannon Brown 布朗的弹跳力让科比也是赞不绝口,后者甚至说:“比赛中香农跳得比我和 乔 丹还要高。

”事实就是,自从穿上紫金战袍后,布朗就成为了扣将的代名词。他 对于篮筐有着近乎偏执的喜好,从来不惧怕在比自己更高大的对手头上扣篮。据 说他的垂直弹跳力达到了 45 英寸。 Brown\’s jumping ability is so highly praised by Kobe Bryant, whoeven said: \”On the court, Shannon jumps even higher than Jordanand me.\” The fact is, since he wore Lakers’ shirt, Brown hasbecome a synonym for dunker. He fancys the basket almost bigotedly and always has the courage to dunk over the head of those big opponents. According to others, Brown can jump 45 inches vertically.